Friday, March 27, 2009

HAT Run 50k Short Race Report

I was happy how the HAT Run went for me this year. My family joined me and help crew at the picnic pavilion - we had fun. I ran conservatively and felt strong until about 27 miles, the last 4 were tough and I faded a bit, enough to get caught by another runner.

Week of Training for 3/22/09

Monday (3/23/09) - Strength training at gym, 30 minutes on stationary bike

Tuesday (3/24/09) - 10.27 miles

Wednesday (3/25/09) - 10.27 miles

Thursday (3/26/09) - 7. 5 miles

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Training for week of 3/8/09

Sunday (3/8/09) -

The Dream

I dreamt last night that I did this extreme off road marathon called Buzzard's Marathon in Central PA. I went there all confident in my head that the hills would be nothing compaired to Virginia's Mountains. In the dream, I was very wrong. The climbs (5 total) were punishing and made my body cry out like a sissy! It occured to me in my dream state that I misread the marathon name and maybe it was really called the Bastard's Marathon! I did however have a wonderful time at this event and met some great people. It took me 4 hours, 5 minutes, and 51 seconds to cover the course. My GPS measured 25.13 miles. My average heart rate was 160 bpm. I woke up from the dream with my legs sore, but ready for more.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Training for Week of 3/1/09

Sunday (3/1/09) - 14.32 miles on South Mountain Trails (GPS), 10.42 mpm Avg (GPS), 140 bpm Avg - good run, felt strong and confident on rocky trails

Monday (3/2/09) - Strength training at gym & 40 minutes on stationary bike

Tuesday (3/3/09) - off

Wednesday (3/4/09) - 10.25 miles, easy (GPS), 8:40 mpm Avg (GPS), 138 bpm Avg

Thursday (3/5/09) - 10.30 miles, easy (GPS), 8:17 mpm Avg (GPS), 140 bpm Avg

Friday (3/6/09) - 10.19 miles, easy (GPS), 8:17 mpm Avg (GPS), 134 bpm Avg

Saturday (3/7/09) - off

Total Running Miles for Week ==> 45.06 miles