Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Running Toy

I purchased a new running toy - a HighGear Axio Max Altimeter watch. More to come about my adventures with it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

HAT Run 50k Short Race Report

I was happy how the HAT Run went for me this year. My family joined me and help crew at the picnic pavilion - we had fun. I ran conservatively and felt strong until about 27 miles, the last 4 were tough and I faded a bit, enough to get caught by another runner.

Week of Training for 3/22/09

Monday (3/23/09) - Strength training at gym, 30 minutes on stationary bike

Tuesday (3/24/09) - 10.27 miles

Wednesday (3/25/09) - 10.27 miles

Thursday (3/26/09) - 7. 5 miles

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Training for week of 3/8/09

Sunday (3/8/09) -

The Dream

I dreamt last night that I did this extreme off road marathon called Buzzard's Marathon in Central PA. I went there all confident in my head that the hills would be nothing compaired to Virginia's Mountains. In the dream, I was very wrong. The climbs (5 total) were punishing and made my body cry out like a sissy! It occured to me in my dream state that I misread the marathon name and maybe it was really called the Bastard's Marathon! I did however have a wonderful time at this event and met some great people. It took me 4 hours, 5 minutes, and 51 seconds to cover the course. My GPS measured 25.13 miles. My average heart rate was 160 bpm. I woke up from the dream with my legs sore, but ready for more.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Training for Week of 3/1/09

Sunday (3/1/09) - 14.32 miles on South Mountain Trails (GPS), 10.42 mpm Avg (GPS), 140 bpm Avg - good run, felt strong and confident on rocky trails

Monday (3/2/09) - Strength training at gym & 40 minutes on stationary bike

Tuesday (3/3/09) - off

Wednesday (3/4/09) - 10.25 miles, easy (GPS), 8:40 mpm Avg (GPS), 138 bpm Avg

Thursday (3/5/09) - 10.30 miles, easy (GPS), 8:17 mpm Avg (GPS), 140 bpm Avg

Friday (3/6/09) - 10.19 miles, easy (GPS), 8:17 mpm Avg (GPS), 134 bpm Avg

Saturday (3/7/09) - off

Total Running Miles for Week ==> 45.06 miles

Friday, February 27, 2009

Training for Week of 2/22/09

Sunday (2/22/09) - 21.07 miles moderate (GPS) - roads, grass, last 7 miles on trails, 8:22 mpm Avg (GPS), 139 bpm HR Avg - felt strong, started conservatively, finished strong

Monday (2/23/09) - strength training at gym, 40 minutes random setting on stationary bike

Tuesday (2/24/09) - 10.23 miles easy (GPS), 8:50 bpm Avg (GPS), 140 bpm HR Avg

Wednesday (2/25/09) - off

Thursday (2/26/09) - 11.65 miles tempo w/ 5.10 miles in middle at tempo pace (6:37 mpm 1st lap, 6:21 mpm 2nd lap, 6:18 mpm 3rd lap, 6:15 mpm 4th lap) (GPS), 7:41 mpm Avg (GPS), 142 bpm HR Avg

Friday (2/27/09) - off

Saturday (2/28/09) - 25.50 miles road, towpath, & South Mountain (GPS), 8:42 mpm Avg (GPS), 143 bpm Avg

Total Running Miles for Week ==> 68.45 miles

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week of Training for 2/15/09

Sunday (2/15/09) - 12.45 miles easy (GPS), 8:22 mpm Avg (GPS), 135 bpm Avg

Monday (2/16/09) - Strength training at gym, 30 minutes on stationary bike

Tuesday (2/17/09) - 10.23 miles moderate (GPS), 8:08 mpm Avg (GPS), 141 bpm Avg

Wednesday (2/18/09) - core strength exercises at home

Thursday (2/19/09) - 8:08 miles hill workout (GPS), 8:08 mpm Avg (GPS), 145 bpm Avg - ran hills around Allen High School's campus

Friday (2/20/09) - 10.22 miles easy (GPS), 7:56 mpm Avg (GPS), 141 bpm Avg

Saturday (2/21/09) - 12.05 miles easy run/hike w/ Raj (GPS), 18:25 mpm Avg

Total Running Miles for Week ==> 53.03

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Training for week of 2/8/09

Sunday (2/8/09) - 16.14 miles (GPS), moderate push, 8:53 mpm Avg (GPS), 141 bpm Avg

Monday (2/9/09) - Strength exercises at Gym

Tuesday (2/10/09) - 10.21 miles (GPS), easy, 8:03 mpm Avg (GPS), 139 bpm Avg

Wednesday (2/11/09) - core strength exercises

Thursday (2/12/09) - 10.37 miles (GPS) w/ 3.87 miles at 6:56 mpm Avg (GPS), 155 bpm Avg during middle 3.87 miles

Friday (2/13/09) - 7.51 miles moderate push (GPS), 7:39 mpm Avg (GPS), 140 bpm Avg - felt great, run felt effortless

Saturday (2/14/09) - 20.28 miles moderate push (GPS), 7:42 mpm Avg (GPS), 142 bpm Avg - felt very good - 1st 20 miler of season!

Total running miles for week ==> 64.51 miles

Training for week of 2/1/09

Sunday (2/1/09) - Superbowl 10k Race

Monday (2/2/09) - Rest

Tuesday (2/3/09) - 10.28 miles (GPS), easy recovery, 9:41 mpm Avg (GPS), 129 bpm Avg

Wednesday (2/4/09) - Rest

Thursday (2/5/09) - 10.27 miles (GPS), moderate push, 8:33 mpm Avg (GPS), 138 bpm Avg

Friday (2/6/09) - 10.25 miles (GPS), moderate push, 9:01 mpm Avg (GPS), 137 bpm Avg - These 2 runs were back-to-back over a short period of time. I basically had a "sleep sandwich" of 6 hours between these runs. Good workout.

Saturday (2/7/09) - core strength exerices

Total running miles for week ==> 37.00 miles

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Superbowl 10k Race Report

Usually I develop 3 goals for races: a "pie-n-the-sky" goal, an intermediate goal, and a fail-safe (hopefully) goal. The good news is that I hit one of these goals. The bad news was that it was the fail-safe goal of breaking 38 minutes. The course was changed last minute and I believe made times a bit slower. However, last time I ran this race (2007) I had a 10k personal best of 36:28. I had dreams of breaking 36 minutes. I ran a 37:37. I had a great day with 3 other friends who joined me for the event and we had a break in the weather with the temperature at race time in the high 30's. I monitored my HR during the race and every time I looked down I was a bit over 170 bpm. This is 3-4 beats higher that I have gotten to any hard workout since I started monitoring HR. I think I ran a smart race - my mile splits were fairly consistent. All-n-all it was a decent start for the 2009 season. This was my first race after really destroying myself during October's 100 miler. Things I have learned and will build off of for this race: 1. Body weight - I am about 5-10 lbs heavier than when I ran this race in 2007. I think if I can drop my weight down and lower my body fat % I will get faster. There exists scientific literature that suggests excess body weight slows you down - makes sense to me. 2. I will continue with my modified training plan, which includes more strength and cross training, as well as, more stretching. I think this will keep me healthier and less likely to become injured. Now it's time for serious FOCUS - Massanutten 100...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Training for week of 1/25/09

Sunday (1/25/09) - Long Run with wife in preparation for 50k HAT Run. This will be her first ultra and I think this is good starter. We did 4 miles of walking/running at the Parkway, but it very cold and windy. Decided to finish at the gym on the treadmill. She did another 4 and I did 7 mixed with inclines.

Monday (1/26/09) - Strength training at gym

Tuesday (1/27/09) - Off

Wednesday (1/28/09) - 8.97 miles moderate (GPS), 9:46 min/mile Avg (GPS), 136 bpm Avg HR, snowfall/icefall just occurred - slow moving, but fun.

Thursday (1/29/09) - 40 minutes on stationary bike at gym

Friday (1/30/09) - 7.55 miles moderate (GPS), 9:35 min/mile Avg (GPS), 142 bpm Avg HR, running has really become difficult with all of the snow and ice we have had. I fought off getting annoyed at the footing and realized that these conditions really do a good job at mimimicing a rocky trail - which I will need LOTS of training on if I want to persevere at Massanutten.

Saturday (1/31/09) - Core strength training at home. Getting ready for tomorrow's Superbowl 10k Lehigh Valley Roadrunner's Race.

Total Running Miles for Week ==> 27.52 miles

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Training for week of 1/18/09

Sunday (1/18/09) - 8.98 miles moderate push (GPS), 8:18 min/mile Avg (GPS), 140 bpm Avg HR

Monday (1/19/09) - Went to gym and cashed in on "free" 1 hour consultation with trainer. She showed me some strength exercises and suggested I do more of them. My body fat and BMI were measured. Body fat = 19.8%, BMI = 23.0. I think she is right. Marathon literature says that most of the male elites have between 5 - 9% body fat. I know I can not compete at the elite level, however, I think more muscle and less fat would make me faster. Exercises trainer showed me: Mountain Climber, Modified Pushups (no locking of arms), Leg extensions (Quads), "Ball" squats, Upper Abs machine.

Tuesday (1/20/09) - 8.96 miles easy (GPS), 8:45 min/mile Avg (GPS), 135 bpm Avg HR - fell on black ice - gotta remember to focus and always scan my surroundings.

Wednesday (1/21/09) - 9 miles with 6.27 at hard pace, 6.27 miles at 6:06 min/mile Avg (GPS), 165 bpm Avg HR. Felt good - getting psyched for Superbowl 10k.

Thursday (1/22/09) - 8.98 miles easy (GPS), 8:43 min/mile Avg (GPS), 130 bpm Avg HR - felt tired from previous day's workout.

Friday (1/23/09) - core strength exercises at home

Saturday (1/24/09) - 15.09 miles moderate (GPS), 8:17 min/mile Avg (GPS), 143 bpm Avg HR. Ran from home to Parkway, 9 miles at Parkway, and return.

Total miles for week ==> 51.01 miles

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Katoola Spikes & Shoe Combination

This past Thursday and Saturday I used my new Katoola Microspikes in snow/ice conditions. On Thursday I wore my 12.5 Montrail Hardrocks and slipped on the Microspikes when I got off road and into the Allentown parks. The system worked well, but the combination was a bit heavy. On Saturday I wore my 12.5 Montrail Streaks with the Microspikes and the combination was a bit lighter and more manageable. The Katoola Microspikes worked great, but you really need to slip them off if you are doing more than crossing paved roads. I am looking forward to trying them out on trails.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Training for week of 1/11/09

The following is my training for this week. Feeling like I am really getting back on track. However, I need to work on my weight a bit. Currently I am 170 lbs. My low before Grindstone was 160 lbs and I felt if I lost a bit more (down to 155 lbs) I could go a bit faster. It is one of my goals to get to 155 lbs by May 16th - MMT 100.

Sunday (1/11/09) - 10.22 miles moderate push (GPS), 7:58 Avg min/mile (GPS), 142 Avg HR

Monday (1/12/09) - Stretching & core strength exercises

Tuesday (1/13/09) - 9.01 miles easy (GPS), 8:25 Avg min/mile (GPS), 139 Avg HR

Wednesday (1/14/09) - 8.07 miles hard (GPS), 3 - mile repeats w/ 1/4 mile recovery (5:59, 5:55, 5:49 min/mile)

Thursday (1/15/09) - 8.98 miles easy [recovery] (GPS), 9:19 Avg min/mile, 139 Avg HR

Friday (1/16/09) - OFF

Saturday (1/17/09) - 15.28 miles moderate (GPS), 8:39 Avg min/mile, 137 Avg HR

Total Running Mileage for Week ==> 51.56 Miles

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Running for the week of 1/4/09

I developed some nasty tendonitus in my left knee after my first 100 miler in October 2008. I have learned a lot since then, like learning to incorporate stretching, strength training, and some cross training. I think I am back on track. Here is my training for this past week:

Sunday (1/4/09) - 10.2 miles easy, time:1:22:20, stretching

Monday (1/5/09) - Core strength exercises, stretch, massage with foam roller

Tuesday (1/6/09) - 7.59 miles easy (GPS), 8:33 min/mile Avg (GPS), 137 Avg HR

Wednesday (1/7/09) - 7.54 miles moderate push (GPS), 7:51 min/mile Avg (GPS), 144 Avg HR, core strength exercises

Thursday (1/8/09) - 7.56 miles easy (GPS), 8:25 min/mile Avg (GPS), 141 Avg HR

Friday (1/9/09) - core strength exercises, swimming (54 laps - 1350 yds continuous, 20 free, 14 breast, 20 free)

Saturday (1/10/09) - 10.25 miles easy (GPS), 8:02 min/mile Avg (GPS), 143 Avg HR

Total Running Mileage for Week ==> 43.14 Miles