Saturday, January 31, 2009

Training for week of 1/25/09

Sunday (1/25/09) - Long Run with wife in preparation for 50k HAT Run. This will be her first ultra and I think this is good starter. We did 4 miles of walking/running at the Parkway, but it very cold and windy. Decided to finish at the gym on the treadmill. She did another 4 and I did 7 mixed with inclines.

Monday (1/26/09) - Strength training at gym

Tuesday (1/27/09) - Off

Wednesday (1/28/09) - 8.97 miles moderate (GPS), 9:46 min/mile Avg (GPS), 136 bpm Avg HR, snowfall/icefall just occurred - slow moving, but fun.

Thursday (1/29/09) - 40 minutes on stationary bike at gym

Friday (1/30/09) - 7.55 miles moderate (GPS), 9:35 min/mile Avg (GPS), 142 bpm Avg HR, running has really become difficult with all of the snow and ice we have had. I fought off getting annoyed at the footing and realized that these conditions really do a good job at mimimicing a rocky trail - which I will need LOTS of training on if I want to persevere at Massanutten.

Saturday (1/31/09) - Core strength training at home. Getting ready for tomorrow's Superbowl 10k Lehigh Valley Roadrunner's Race.

Total Running Miles for Week ==> 27.52 miles

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